Workplace Perks Are Great for Employers and Employees

Labor shortages have been affecting a number of industries. Increased difficulty in staffing positions is one of the primary causes of widespread supply chain issues that are disrupting sales and revenue cycles. The stakes are high for companies. In addition to wage increases, employers are offering workplace perks to attract and retain personnel.

Perks People Value

People appreciate when their employers offer them resources that support their health. Fitness memberships, wellness services, and ergonomic equipment are excellent perks that help people feel their best while they are on-the-job.

A lot of the most popular work perks do not have to cost businesses anything. Simply cultivating a relaxed working environment at the office is a huge plus to people. Allowing for schedule flexibility and letting employees bring their dogs makes personnel happier about being at work.

Pluses for Productivity

An added benefit of giving employees practical perks is that it can increase their productivity. Transportation benefits or concierge-type services that save time can make people’s schedules more manageable and may help them put more energy into their workday. 

Taking steps to keep employees happy in their job roles promotes the development of a positive company culture. Businesses in every sector can benefit from finding ways to demonstrate appreciation for their team member’s contribution.