Why You Must Remain Mindful of Liquid Fuel Leaks

Owning a home comes with more responsibilities than many realize. If your residence relies on gas or oil for heating purposes, for example, then you need to remain mindful of the damage that fuel leaks can cause. According to professionals, this type of risk is not typically covered by standard insurance policies. This means you need to take action and do what you can to avoid escaped liquid fuel at all costs. 

Reasons for Fuel Leaks

Liquid fuel can escape containment units on your property due to a number of reasons. The longer a tank has been in use, the more likely it is to become worn. Since some fuel storage units are located underground, the integrity of the land itself can encourage leaks and other issues. Additional reasons for fuel leaks include:

  • The home was built before 1990
  • The tank was damaged by natural disaster
  • The containment unit was not properly inspected

Though not covered by traditional insurance, there are coverage options available. Understanding the risks of fuel leaks can help you find an appropriate policy.

The Dangers of Escaped Liquid Fuel

Escaped fuel is no small matter. According to environmental experts, leaks can lead to serious groundwater contamination. Not only does this threaten your own property, it can also have a negative impact on the land your neighbors own. 

There are many reasons to remain mindful of escaped fuel. To avoid disaster, be sure to learn more and take direct action.