Why Do Educators Need Directors and Officers Insurance?

Educators, school administrators, and other specialists who work in an educational institution are not of the hook when it comes to being sued for alleged mishaps. Directors and Officers for Educators, also known as D&O Liability Insurance, protects those who play an influential role in educational institutions from financial ruin that may result from being charged with wrongful allegations. It may also provide proper indemnification and coverage for legal fees.

Situations That May Require Insurance Protection

Whenever a person is placed in a position of trust, as is often the case among educators, there is always a risk of being sued for improper conduct, regardless of whether or not the claims are substantiated. Proper liability insurance coverage may offer support and protection for following and more:

  • Claims that result from managerial decisions that lead to adverse financial consequences
  • Claims that result from classroom decisions that affect the future educational opportunities for students
  • Allegations that arise out of regulatory and criminal investigations and trials

Learn More Today

Do not be a victim of circumstance. You may be eligible for protection against allegations even if you have filed liability claims in the past. To see if you qualify for Directors and Officers for Educators and to learn more about how it can benefit you in your position of educational leadership, contact a reputable liability insurance company today.