What Marina Coverage Protects You From

Marina Insurance Policy

As a marina owner, you are responsible for all of your members’ boats. If problems occur or if vessels are damaged, it may be your fault, according to https://www.wqis.com/. Here is what marina liability coverage can protect you from.

Theft and Vandalism

Despite security measures that you might take, theft and vandalism could happen. If criminals deface property in the marina, the owner may be liable. You have to be prepared to pay for damages and legal fees if the boat owner tries to hold you responsible.

Storm Damage

Storms happen. You can’t always predict the severity of the storms. While you can take the appropriate steps to keep the vessels safe, there is always going to be a chance that the ships in your marina will suffer a lot of damage. It’s better to have coverage, then to go unprotected.


When it comes to marina risks, pollution will always be there. What happens if there is a spill? Not only are you liable for the impact that your members have on the water, but you also are responsible for the other vessels in the marina. Clean up costs alone are expensive, if you face legal ramifications, it can be worse.

To keep your business safe from legal action or high costs, you should always have marine liability coverage. Without it, one accident could make or break your business.