What Liabilities Schools Are Responsible for With Students

Protecting students is one of the top priorities of all educational institutions. However, there are times when incidents occur that fall well beyond the capabilities of the school administration and associated staff. Understanding what you are actually liable for with your students can be useful in developing strategies for worst-case scenarios and taking out insurance plans that adequately reflect your risks. Consider these hazards and gain insight into how to best shield your students and school from harm. 

What Are the Biggest Risks?

One of the main concerns to be aware of with student liability is the physical condition of the school An environment that is cluttered, damaged, or structurally unsound can lead to a plethora of severe injuries to students and staff alike. If the administration does not dedicate time and resources to maintenance, it can lead to severe claims of neglect and personal injury. Similarly, administrators are responsible for controlling the student population. If students are causing one another injury, responsibility falls on the school. Other major risks to consider include: 

  • Injuries that occur anywhere on school grounds
  • Inability to foresee major problems in advance
  • Threats made by students in any capacity

Formulate a Strategy for Success

The more you know about the risks you face, you can make the adjustments you need to get your school in a better position. Review the biggest hazards that threaten school administration and gain perspective on the liabilities of your students.