What Is Professional Liability Insurance?

If you are a business owner in Florida, chances are that you have heard of professional liability insurance, but you may not fully understand what this coverage option has to offer. Perhaps you even have the coverage for your business and yet are not quite sure what it entails. Professional liability insurance in Florida can come in a number of shapes and sizes, but the general purpose remains the same: protecting your business against costly claims.

Professional liability insurance serves as general liability coverage. If an individual files a sizable suit against your business, the proper coverage plan can cover the costs incurred by the claim. In the event that your other liability coverage plans are insufficient to cover a large claim, professional liability insurance can be hugely important. This insurance can help ensure that your business is not held responsible for paying large sums of money during and after the claims process.

In the end, professional liability insurance in Florida can make all the difference, particularly if a costly claim is filed against your business. A single large claim can be enough to bankrupt some small businesses, and can financially cripple others. Rather than risk losing everything, consider investing in professional liability insurance. It can allow you to focus on the job at hand without having to worry about legal claims. Get your business covered.