What Goes Into PEO Insurance Packages?

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Staffing and employment agencies have insurance needs that are unlike any other employer because of their role as a labor provider to various industries. Within that business model are a range of different companies with staffing abilities that range from day laborers in construction and light industrial to professional employment organizations that provide contract staffing for skilled roles in industries like finance, biotech, and education. PEO insurance needs to reflect that distinct role in the staffing industry, and it also needs to anticipate the risks your employees actually take on a job site.

  • Professional, general, and umbrella liability options
  • Employment practices liability coverage
  • Optional property, crime, and auto policy inclusions

When these insurance coverage types are combined and attuned to your organization’s labor profile, they provide powerful risk management tools for your business.

Additional Considerations When Buying PEO Coverage

It is important to look past the coverage when shopping for your liability insurance package, to ask what the insurer does to help your business minimize its risks before a claim arises. Experienced insurers offer resources ranging from policy recommendations with data to back up their effectiveness to training articles and other resources that help your staff be safer on the job. Those resources not only help you save money on future premiums by keeping your claim risks low, they also show you that your PEO insurance provider really understands how to help your business.