What Companies Should Know About Last Mile Delivery Coverage

If your company transports various goods in the normal course of business, you may want to look into getting last mile insurance. This unique type of insurance provides essential coverage for transporting goods from any hub to the goods’ final destination and can, in many cases, prove very helpful. Here’s what your company should know if you’re considering last mile insurance.

It Can Offer Critical Protections During the Last Leg of Transportation

In many cases, the last section of a cargo journey can present unexpected issues or even dangers. That’s why having last mile delivery coverage can offer critical protections to ensure the company’s financial security even if the goods are affected at the end of their transportation journey. This insurance could:

  • Provide a safety net in case goods do not arrive safely at the final destination
  • Provide a financial net for the company and its drivers
  • Provide compensation for damage to company vehicles

It May Encompass Several Key Types of Protections

Depending on your provider and the type of last mile coverage you get, your policy could encompass several essential protections. These might include, for instance:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Auto liability coverage
  • General liability coverage
  • Cargo insurance
  • Physical damage protections

Before you purchase last mile insurance for your company, it’s best to know the perks of this unique type of coverage. Getting this insurance could help protect goods and other cargo during the last leg of every journey and could act as a financial safety net for your business in those cases.