What Are Some Main Aspects of Charter School Liability Insurance?

If you are considering charter school liability insurance, you may have some questions. It is important to have proper insurance coverage, so it is important that you have your questions answered. Speaking to an insurance agent is always the best way to get information, but the following should get you started.


Perhaps the main aspect of this type of insurance coverage is general liability. If you have various schools in different locations, you can get a limit of up to three million dollars per location. This means that the insurance coverage you get does not have to spread thin among each campus that you run. General liability covers accidents that occur on school property including things like slips and falls. Any time someone claims bodily injury on your property, this is the insurance program that will cover the financial aspect of the claim.


Another aspect of charter school liability is abuse and molestation. While nobody wants to think of this happening at their school, it does happen. What’s more is that sometimes students may claim that it happened, even if it didn’t. This type of claim can cost a school a lot of money without proper insurance coverage, causing more than just the teacher and student involved to miss out on education.


As you can see, there are some important reasons to purchase charter school liability insurance for your charter school. Although you don’t plan for negative things to happen, it is still a good idea to be financially prepared for them.