What Are Self-Service Laundromats Liable for?

self service laundromats

There are liability risks within every industry, but even inside a particular industry, the details may vary widely. In the laundry industry, risks vary largely based on whether the business offers laundry services or simply the equipment for customers to do their own laundry. Self-service laundromats avoid quite a few risks that are common for other dry cleaners, but they still need reliable dry cleaner liability coverage to ensure that they are not caught off guard by a claim.

Not Liable for Customer Actions

The main liability differences between laundromats and full-service dry cleaners are based on customer involvement. If a customer dries a cashmere sweater on a high heat dryer setting, the laundromat is not responsible for the damage to the sweater because the customer could have avoided that outcome with proper care. Similarly, any mistakes a customer makes that result in damaged or lost items do not need to be rectified by the business.

Liable for Damage Due to Equipment Failure and Employee Mistake

What laundromats are responsible for is an event that happens due to employee error or equipment malfunction. If an employee misplaces a clothing item, the business must replace it according to its value. You must also amend a situation where a faulty machine has caused damage to any laundered items.

These circumstances where the laundromat is liable are much less likely than a mistake on the part of a customer, but sufficient coverage is still critical to the business’s longevity and overall success.