Using Social Media to Boost Insurance Sales

According to recent surveys, more than 80 percent of Americans start with an online search when they look for a new insurance policy. As comparison shopping becomes easier and more popular, it is more important than ever to use the power of social media to maximize your insurance sales marketing efforts.


Business Benefits of Social Media


Many people check their social media accounts multiple times per day. By building a great page for your company and using it to reach potential customers, you can get in touch with your own target audience at a remarkably low cost. As you build relationships with clients, you can also use your company’s site as a customized focus group, speaking with customers and getting constant feedback from them. Another advantage of being a smart social media user is the ability to keep an eye on your competition and know the techniques they are using.


Custom Promotions and Offers


Social media postings on a smaller scale can also help you build your client base. An exciting tweet with a discount offer or a special deal can bring new clients into your business. These social media promotions can be customized to meet your exact geographic needs.


Stay in Step With New Technologies


Insurance sales marketing has been transformed almost beyond recognition by the new technologies developed during the last 20 years. By making the most of social media and other online resources, you can start boosting your sales today.