Understanding the Value of Social Media for Insurance Marketing

Think about what advertising would have been like 50 years ago. Salespeople relied almost exclusively on word-of-mouth, as well as whatever advertising they were able to put together outside storefronts and inside large public places such as malls or fairgrounds. Now, with the spread of the use of the internet, marketing is a lot easier. Social media for insurance advertising is a tremendous resource to use when looking to gain clientele.


Mass Coverage


The amounts of people that can be reached through an online marketing campaign far exceed the number that may see a billboard or watch an ad on TV. Being able to provide the public with basic information about your agency in an efficient and modern way is bound to gain a significant amount of attention.


Money Smart


Advertising is one of the priciest parts of running any company. Without marketing, clients simply wouldn’t know an organization ever existed and without clients, a company may fail to exist altogether. Social media is significantly cheaper to use than other strategies, enabling companies to get a lot of traffic for a decent price.


The reasons to use Social Media for Insurance marketing include the ability to modify and change information as you please, immediate access to design professionals, and the ability to use a multi-pronged approach to marketing through blogs, SEO content, and articles posted online. With such a valuable resource at your fingertips, it is time to put it to use and gain the traffic your agency needs to become number one.