Understanding Employee Benefits and Covid-19


The current Covid-19 pandemic has caused understandable stress for employees who will suffer not only in health but financially should they contract this devastating illness. As an employee, knowing your options can provide a sense of security in an uncertain future.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance offers a lump sum payout intended to help offset the expense of deductibles, time off work, and other expenses incurred that cause an employee to struggle when experiencing illness. While critical illness employee benefit programs don’t specify Covid-19 as a covered illness, should the employee need certain tests such as a chest x-ray, or if the employee experiences a coma, the program would likely pay out a specified sum to the insured.

Short-Term Disability

Should you become quarantined by a physician, which would leave you unable to work, your employer’s short-term disability plan should cover the time you are required to take off work to recover from Covid-19. You will be required to provide documentation from your medical provider that you did contract the illness.

Employee Assistance Program

Help available to you during Covid-19 will depend on what coverages you opt into through your employer. If you aren’t sure, contact your employer’s EAP to find out about more ways you can get assistance should you become personally impacted by the pandemic.