Three Ways BOP Insurance Protects Your Business

What is a BOP? A Businessowners Policy is an insurance package that combines protection against significant property and liability risks. For businesses in Virginia, a Virginia BOP is a great way to get the coverage you need in one convenient bundle. You need a policy to meet your business’s needs for property, business interruption, and liability insurance.

Property Insurance

BOP insurance covers the property insurance for any buildings which are owned by your company. A Virginia BOP policy also covers the contents of the buildings so that if there is damage to your company’s property, you can recover quickly.

Business Interruption

A businessowners policy protects you against business interruption. In the event that your buildings or equipment are destroyed due to a catastrophe, this type of coverage ensures that you will not suffer exorbitant loss of income as you get your business functional again.


Viginia BOP will also help your business by providing liability protection. Liability insurance provides coverage for the responsibility your company would have legally if someone were harmed because of something your company or employees does or neglects to do as you go about your business operations. Bodily injury or property damage are common risks that liability insurance covers.

Getting a BOP for your small business can give you peace of mind knowing you are covered against major risks for your business.