Three Things Errors and Omissions Insurance Does Not Cover

Insurance can protect your business and offer defense from many types of claims. However, this does not mean all aspects of your business will be covered. When getting your errors and omissions insurance quote, keep in mind that the following issues will most likely not be included.

False Advertising

Clearly you want potential clients to take note of your company. However, intentionally advertising false information is usually not covered. Take care to ensure that all advertising you place includes accurate facts and only feature services, products and prices that are available.

Personally Identifiable Information

While there are cases when your clients information can get stolen through no fault of your own, failing to safeguard information that is in your care is not always protected on your policy. When getting an errors and omissions insurance quote it would behoove you to check whether there are circumstances where the coverage would extend to this area.

Bodily Injury of Property Insurance

Personal injury such libel and slander claims may be covered, but bodily injury and property damage is not likely included with this particular insurance. You will want to consider general liability coverage to for these types of claims.

When you are researching how you are protected with your policy, it is just as important to understand what is not included so you can be prepared with additional coverage if need be. When getting your errors and omissions insurance quote be sure to know the variables on both sides.