The Right Coverage for Electrical Services Providers


As an electrical services provider, you’re aware of the dangers inherent in your work. Handling electrical wiring and systems exposes you and your employees to injury or death from shock or electrocution. This is one of the reasons why electricians have to be vetted, trained, and certified to fulfill the work outlined in your contracts. To protect from danger, you also know about powering down electric equipment and wearing protective gear, but is that enough to manage your risk?

Understanding the Need for Insurance

Safety, training, and certification are part of overall risk management for your business. Insurance products are also important as they provide various types of coverage and financial protection for certain types of loss or damage. Consider these insurance products:

  • General liability: Bodily injury and property damage for third-party personnel
  • Commercial auto: Damages and losses while operating a company vehicle or driving for business purposes
  • Workers’ compensation: Covers medical bills and lost income for employees who suffer injuries on the job
  • Contractual liability: Claims of negligence or damages due to errors
  • Umbrella policy: Increased coverage limits for substantial or catastrophic losses

These are just a sample of the coverages that electricians may need. Your specific operations may need additional coverages, especially if you work in construction or maritime environments.

Tailoring Your Insurance

When considering a plan for electrician insurance, it’s important to acknowledge that your business may have unique needs. The right insurance company can help you come up with a plan that covers all your exposures.