The Purpose of Hired Non Owned Auto Insurance


Hired Non Owned Auto

Hired non owned auto insurance deals with any expenses related to accidents caused by vehicles that are rented or borrowed by the policy holder, or driven in the context of errands performed for the policy holder’s business. It will cover court expenses as well as the excess medical expenses not paid for by the personal auto insurance policy held by the driver of the vehicle involved. Its main purpose is to protect businesses from significant expenses resulting from accidents when employees use their own cars for business-related reasons. It is recommended that business owners purchase this insurance even if they don’t expect to borrow cars or have employees run errands frequently.


Saving money on car rentals


Hired non owned auto insurance is most commonly purchased by business owners who rent cars on business trips or whose employees run errands for them, but it can also be purchased by non-business owners who rent cars on a regular basis. If you fall into the latter category, purchasing this type of insurance can help you save money on car rentals because you won’t have to purchase the rental company’s coverage, which is often more expensive. In fact, renting a car for more than ten days in one year can be a good reason to purchase hired non owned auto insurance.


Whether you’re a business owner or a frequent car borrower, you should consider protecting yourself against expenses that may arise from accidents occurring with your rented vehicle or one that you avail yourself of but do not own.