The Importance of D&O Insurance

Reports have noted a rise in liability claims against businesses. You may hope for it not to happen, but there is a chance that your company could face a lawsuit should a client feel slighted. In such an occurrence, having the right director and officer insurance in place is very important.

Protect Your Directors

As the faces and decision makers of the company, your directors and officers are at high risk of being blamed for any misdealing or accidents concerning your company. The right policy will help to provide the proper support in such instances.

Protect Your Company

Though the title focuses on the leaders of the company, the policy also covers the business in the case that a director or officer is found at fault. The right policy helps to separate the two so that the whole company does not have to suffer for one person’s or group of people’s negligent actions.

Stay Afloat

Though you can win a case without the help of insurance, chances are you will take a financial hit. This could severely affect your business, depending upon the severity of the case. A D&O plan helps to provides financial support in your case so that you do not have to experience a huge loss.

Director and officer insurance plans are very beneficial. The aforementioned factors are just a few things that make these policies important. To learn more, contact your local insurer.