Tailoring Your Restaurant Insurance Policy


Depending on where you are in the country, some fine dining insurance packages can be required. Typically, those packages include general liability insurance and unemployment insurance. Beyond those options, how do you know what other coverages are best for your business? It can be easy to find yourself spiraling down a “what if” hole, so here are a few suggestions to keep your bundle concise and effective.

First think about your location. What’s the weather like? If your area is prone to extreme weather like tornados, hurricanes and floods, you may want to consider food contamination insurance. Food contamination insurance covers perishable food items that spoil when the power goes out from a natural disaster. Property insurance coverage is another option worth considering if the weather in your area is particularly destructive.

Do you have a company car? Do your employees drive their own car for your business? Commercial auto insurance and hired auto insurance are great options to consider if the answer to those questions is “yes”. No one ever expects a car accident, but when they happen, it is always best to be prepared.
Weather, bad luck, and even local crime rates are all good things to consider when deciding which fine dining insurance policies will be most useful to you. Listing your needs and meeting those needs through tailored policies can offer peace of mind.