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Glen Rock commercial liability

What Liability Doesn’t Cover

Few people go into business expecting to get sued, but it does happen from time to time. When it does, it is important to make sure that you have chosen the best Glen Rock commercial liability policy to cover your legal expenses and any damages you might owe as a result of the verdict. There are a few things that your commercial liability policy probably won’t cover, though.

There are certain expenses that require a different type of policy in your commercial package. On-the-job injuries are generally covered by workers compensation coverage, not liability. Business automobile accidents require auto insurance for you to be compensated for damages sustained in them.

Professional mistakes, such as advice given that doesn’t yield a favorable result for the customer, might require a separate professional liability policy in addition to your Glen Rock commercial liability. If you guarantee your work and do not live up to the guarantee, it is likely that your commercial liability policy also will not cover that situation.

Finally, if the harm in question was committed intentionally, those damages are usually not covered by a commercial liability policy. For example, if an employee knowingly committed fraud, your business is not protected from the fallout of that action.

It is important to know what each policy in your commercial package covers. A qualified insurance agent can advise on the best coverage for your business.