Structural Engineers Need Insurance

Being a structural engineer is a huge responsibility. The safe of hundreds, maybe thousands of people is in your hands. Buildings, large and small, factories, airplane hangars and any other type of structure must be up to code and safe. Should something go wrong, even if it’s not your fault, you could be subjected to a costly lawsuit. You need protection.

Liability Insurance

If you make your living in this demanding field, you must have structural engineer liability insurance. This type of E&O insurance protects you from third-party lawsuits. A party could sue for damages due to negligence or a mistake in construction or in a software program related to the project. General liability insurance is limited in coverage.

Specialized Policies

A general policy will only cover accidents that harm people on your property or damage to the property of a vendor. Structural engineer liability insurance is specialized to the needs of your field. It covers your legal expenses as well as all damages awarded in a lawsuit filed against you. In engineering, these damages can be huge. A collapsed bridge or parking garage can cause massive injuries and damage to cars. There are many other potentially devastating suits.

An engineer needs specialized insurance. Protect yourself and your business with a structural engineer liability policy.