Staying Protected While Caring for the Mentally Ill: What Nursing Homes Should Know

Nursing Homes

As Baby Boomers age, the elderly population in the United States continues to grow. As we adapt and improve our healthcare systems to care for this expanding demographic, one important area to consider is mental health in nursing homes.

Admission to Nursing Homes

A history of mental illness, including addiction, makes it harder for a person to be admitted into a nursing home. This can leave them with nowhere to turn and put the burden of care on overstressed family or community systems.

Care in Nursing Homes

When persons with mental illness are admitted to nursing homes, they often require different or more intensive care than other residents. It’s important for nursing homes to avoid dangerously or ineffectively over-medicating such residents, which could provoke lawsuits.

Protection for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are designed to help the elderly and may struggle with wanting to admit patients who need help while also wanting to avoid lawsuits. Having good nursing home insurance can protect companies while they protect vulnerable citizens.

Protecting mental health in nursing homes is important, and those with mental illness have the right to the same care as anyone else. Understanding and preparing properly for challenges can allow nursing homes to care for this vulnerable protection without taking unnecessary risks.