Staying Current with Assisted Living Regulations

Living Regulations

Many families entrust the care of their elderly loved ones to assisted living professionals. There are three types of licensed facilities that must conform to Illinois assisted living regulations:

  • Assisted living establishments: These are facilities that provide residential lodging and assistance with daily living activities to three or more unrelated adults.
  • Shared housing establishments: These homes provide assisted living services, but they may not accommodate more than 12 residents at any one time.
  • Supportive living facilities: These homes provide assisted living care for low-income adults.

Services provided

In the state of Illinois, assisted living and shared housing facilities are required to provide certain services to residents, including three meals a day, laundry and linen services, housekeeping services, assistance with daily living activities and 24-hour security and emergency response.

Ensuring compliance, avoiding liability

The Illinois Department of Public health is responsible for issuing licenses to both assisted living and shared housing establishments, and compliance with Illinois assisted living regulations is essential for all three types of facilities. As referenced at a variety of insurance programs is available to assisted living establishments to ensure they are protected against liability in the services they provide to those in need. The Department conducts annual on-site inspections to make sure that each facility is following regulations and providing proper care to residents.