Safety Concerns for Summer Camps

Camp Insurance

There are very few childhood memories that can beat the ones of time spent at a summer camp. Your days were filled with hiking, fishing, arts and crafts, making friends, and singing hundreds of camp songs that you probably still remember to this day. However, the only reason you were able to enjoy those carefree days is that the camp director knew the importance of making sure their facility was as safe as possible.

Facility Safety

Camps have hundreds if not thousands of liabilities. Believe it or not, trips and falls are one of the biggest concerns and those can be hard to manage on rocky trails. Other significant facility-related concerns include:

  • Pools and designated swimming areas
  • Archery courses
  • Horse stables
  • Rock climbing walls
  • Ropes courses

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Rules and Regulations

The best way to limit liability is to enforce all safety rules at all times. Whether it’s protective gear, washing hands, or always having a buddy, you need to constantly emphasize the importance of following the camp’s safety protocols. You should announce these at orientation, post them in several different visible areas, and ask counselors to constantly remind their campers about the importance of being safe.