Renting an Apartment with a Dog

Apartment with a Dog

Because renting can be so expensive, some tenants feel they can’t afford renter’s insurance. If your pet ends up damaging your landlord’s property, however, renter insurance costs with a dog can be cheaper in the long run. Having a policy also may help you find an apartment in the first place.

Protect Against Damages

Renter insurance provides coverage for legal costs and liability in the case that your dog does or is falsely accused of any of the following:

  • Biting another person
  • Causing someone to have an allergic reaction
  • Getting in a fight with another tenant’s dog
  • Injuring a cat or other pet
  • Having accidents that damage the floor
  • Chewing on woodwork

Some policies also include loss of use coverage. This type of insurance reimburses for some moving expenses if you must relocate because of damage your pet causes.

Make a Case for Your Dog

Even if the chances are slim that your dog would ever cause trouble, renters insurance has the added benefit of helping you find an apartment that accepts animals. Knowing you have the means to reimburse for possible damages shows that you will be a responsible tenant, and may convince an otherwise skeptical landlord to bend the rules and rent to you and your family pet.