Purchasing Special Types of Business Insurance

If you are considering becoming a business owner, you are probably aware that you need to have business insurance. You may not be aware that certain types of businesses should obtain more specific types of coverage. NewMark Insurance provides several types of specialized policies, including the types explained below.

Liquor Liability

Businesses that serve or sell alcohol, such as bars and restaurants, need to have liquor liability coverage. Although the drinker is normally to blame in the event of an alcohol-related accident or injury, claims are still sometimes brought against the establishment that sold the alcohol to the drinker. Liquor liability insurance can cover court fees and any damages that may be granted to the claimant.

Pollution Liability

Any business that produces or uses environmentally unsafe chemicals as a regular part of their operations can benefit from pollution liability insurance. Many types of businesses use or produce pollutants, from factories to hair salons. In the event that a lawsuit is brought against your company over its environmental impact, insurance is necessary to avoid financial devastation.

Finding Your Policy

Even within these two specialized types of insurance, there are numerous variations on the needs of each individual company. A college bar has different needs than a family restaurant, and a mechanic shop has different needs than a factory. NewMark Insurance will review your business in order to determine an insurance policy to fit its specific needs.