Public School Insurance

Higher education insurance

Just like all other businesses and institutions, public schools need insurance. It’s incredibly important when you think about all of the things that can go wrong in a school. Most of the students in a school are under 18 years of age, which means that they aren’t fully aware of the consequences of their actions. While they are supervised most of the time, things can still go wrong. Even when they are being supervised, injuries and accidents can happen. When a student is injured, the parent is almost always going to expect the school to pay for the medical bills and any other bills that may come as a result of the accident. It is for situations like these that public school insurance in Indiana is of utmost importance.

Public school insurance Indiana However, simply having liability insurance is not enough. You need to be covered for other possible unfortunate events as well. For example, if one of your teachers or other faculty members gets injured at work, then you will be required to pay them workers compensation. Workers compensation typically covers the medical bills and time missed from work, and sometimes more. Having workers compensation coverage with your public school insurance in Indiana is important as well.

There are other areas it’s important to be covered in addition to the two areas mentioned above. Consider vandalism, theft, or break ins. Being covered for these things, in addition to liability and workers compensation is very important to avoid a possible lawsuit in the future.