Protecting Your Employees from Water Treatment Plant Hazards

Every industrial environment poses risks. In addition to the risks presented by maintaining equipment, wastewater treatment plant hazards include special dangers. While you always want to have the correct insurance in place in case of an accident, analyzing and mitigating risks where possible can keep you from having to use your coverage. Here are two risks and mitigation steps of which to be aware.

Gas Hazards

Working with biologic waste creates an exciting stew of gases, including methane, chlorine and ammonia. As plant management, it is imperative that you have a program in place to ensure that employees know how to use gas detection equipment properly. Have bump testing stations available and make sure your team is using them to test their equipment each day. The team also needs to receive regular training on what to do if their monitors alert them to a potential gas exposure so no one panics.

Biological Hazards

Wastewater treatment plant hazards also include the risk of touching or inhaling biological agents like bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi. Protective clothing and equipment, and training on their use, are your first lines of defense. Consider other proactive measures like using ultraviolet lights and ionizing radiation to kill germs.

You can never completely remove risk, but adequate PPE along with regular training means a healthier crew prepared for every eventuality.