Protecting Your Business Equipment

Group of workers in a foundry at the melting furnace - production of steel castings in an industrial company

Once you bet your time and money on starting a golfing business and purchasing equipment, it’s imperative that you protect your investment. Consider obtaining insurance coverage for these straight-from-the-headlines scenarios.

Weathering Storms

Extreme weather events are striking the U.S. with increased frequency and intensity. Adverse weather systems, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and fires, interrupt golf course operations and present unpredictable threats and potential damage to your fleet of vehicles. In any climate, insuring golf carts against storm damage can protect you, your patrons, and your profits. An experienced insurance agent can help you assess risks and recommend policies and coverage available to protect your commercial property.

Crime-Related Losses 

Each year, thousands of businesses fall prey to losses caused by crime, such as burglary, employee fraud, and damage due to social unrest. Not all commercial policies cover crime-related damages, however. Failing to read the fine print could leave you unable to run your business effectively after a crime-related loss. Insuring your fleet and other business equipment specifically against theft and damage occurring during the commission of a crime may help prevent interruptions to your operation and mitigate expenses incurred during cleanup and restoration. Ask an experienced agent about policy options that can defend your business from additional harm and costly recovery expenses if you are impacted by crime.

Insurance options are available to protect your operation from many increasing threats. Call an agent today to discuss affordable coverage that fits even your most unexpected needs.