Protect Your Workforce With Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance provides benefits to employees who sustain work-related illnesses or injuries. By working with a workers’ compensation insurance broker, you protect your employees and ensure their medical and rehabilitation expenses are paid for.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

The insurance covers all hospital and medical expenses. It also provides disability payments and may pay for an employee’s rehabilitation as well. Most work-related injuries are covered, but there are a few exceptions:

  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Injuries sustained while a worker was committing a crime
  • Injuries sustained while a worker was not on the job
  • Injuries sustained while a worker was intoxicated or using drugs

In all of the above situations, workers’ compensation insurance can be denied. In most other situations, though, a worker’s benefits are paid for by the insurance.

Who Needs Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Laws concerning workers’ compensation vary from state to state, and not all businesses are required to acquire coverage. In general, your responsibility to provide coverage depends on the size of your workforce, the type of business you run, and the type of work your employees do. Every state excludes certain types of workers such as farm workers and domestic employees.

Talk with a workers’ compensation insurance broker to see if you need workers’ compensation insurance. If you do, the broker can help you craft a policy that offers comprehensive protection to your workforce.