Protect Your Freight Against Hazards During Transport

Hazards During Transport

When you work in the trucking industry, all cargo that you take control of is your responsibility. Unfortunately, when in transport, anything can happen. In the event of lost or damaged freight, cargo truck insurance coverages protect you from the high costs of liability.

Cargo Risks

When in transport, your cargo faces several different risks. These risks include:



        Water damage


        Refrigeration breakdown

If for any reason your cargo becomes damaged while in transport, you have to pay the cost of any lost freight. Even with risk mitigation and with all proper steps taken to protect your cargo, accidents still happen and you can’t always prevent damage.

Cargo Insurance Coverages

Motor truck cargo policies can be customized to your specific business needs. For instance, you can tailor policies to cover your cargo while still in the warehouse. If you have shipments that need to be made on the same day, but something delays them, the coverage can account for this too. Your liability limits are based on the type of cargo that you transport and the size of the freight.

The cargo you control is your livelihood. If anything happens to the cargo while being transported, you could suffer catastrophic losses. Insurance coverage is the only way to protect your business and your freight.