Protect Yourself With Insurance for Your Dog

Liability insurance for dogs
You and your dog are never fully protected from unfortunate accidents.

Millions of Americans are bitten each year by dogs. This is a problem not only for the victim, but also for the pet owner. No one wants to pay legal and medical bills out of pocket while they are dealing with a sad accident. Liability insurance for dogs comes into play for this and other reasons. Consider the following:

  • Many landlords are reluctant to rent to dog owners because of potential problems.
  • Most insurance packages do not cover common occurrences linked to dogs.
  • Medical and liability claims are expensive, currently costing Americans more than 400 million dollars per year.

There is no reason to run unnecessary risk when liability insurance for dogs is now available.

Wide Coverage for the Best Protection

Getting pet liability insurance is a wise investment with multiple benefits. These are some features of liability insurance for dogs:

  • Coverage in 49 out of 50 states
  • No deductible
  • Option to add landlord as an additional insured
  • Coverage of medical and legal defense costs
  • Individual underwriting to prevent exclusion of specific breeds

You and your dog are never fully protected from unfortunate accidents. Your dog could run out an unattended door, jump the fence, or even be stolen from your backyard. In that case, liability insurance for your dog is just what you need.