Problems and Insurance for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are a critical part of the nation’s care of the elderly, but assisted living facilities face a number of different challenges. Residents can hurt themselves, families can feel wronged, and disasters can strike. Fortunately, insurance for nursing homes can help facilities protect themselves.




There are any number of things that might go wrong with an assisted living facility. One of the most common is that children, siblings, and other relatives of residents my feel that care has been inadequate. Liability issues and litigation can cost nursing homes a great deal of money, whether the claims against the facility are groundless or not.


Mistakes and Malpractice


Some of the reasons that family members might choose to sue a nursing home include death and injury. If a resident is injured through an accident or a mistake by the staff, the nursing home may be held liable. The same is true if a resident with Alzheimer’s or another disability wanders away from the facility. Nursing homes may also need malpractice insurance if they provide medical care to residents.


General Disasters


On top of all that, nursing homes need insurance for a variety of other areas, including crime, natural disasters, and any vehicles the home may own. Although any number of things can go wrong at an assisted living facility, insurance for nursing homes can protect residents, workers, and the owners of the home.