Preventative Steps Help You Avoid a Disaster

ecological and environmental disasters

Owning or overseeing an oil bunker can be a very frustrating experience. There are a number of very strict regulations dictating exactly how you must conduct maintenance and secure the contents of your bunker. What’s more, it is likely you will require a bunker convention certificate. This is a document that proves your ship meets all of the requirements put forth by relevant organizations. A failure to obtain this certification can lead to a number of large issues for you and your company later.

The Importance of Regulations

As reported on, there are a number of reasons for the current regulations placed on the oil industry. A number of catastrophic spills have led to ecological and environmental disasters that are as damaging to the planet as they are expensive to remedy. To diminish the odds of a spill, governments around the world have put forth very specific guidelines for how a business must transport and store cargo like oil. Those impacted by this regulation often include:

  • Boat owners
  • Vessel operators and managers
  • Bareboat charterers

Preventative Steps

In order for you to keep yourself free from legal and financial complications, you absolutely must adhere to the regulations placed on your industry. Review the proper documents and obtain the certificates you need to keep your company charging full speed ahead.