Navigating Festival Risks To Protect Your Business

Festivals are an exciting staple of summer entertainment. Music festivals, carnivals, county fairs, and other events bring together widely diverse crowds for exciting shows that may last hours or days.

Because of the complex and varying nature of festivals, unique festival risks arise that must be considered and mitigated prior to all events. Likewise, carrying sufficient entertainment insurance will help protect festival operators and attendees alike, if something unfortunate does occur.

What Are Some Unique Festival Concerns?

Festival risks do vary depending on type of festival; risks at a music festival will be distinct from those at a county fair. However, there are several general risks that should be taken into account:

  • Ensuring proper food and liquor licensing, and being prepared for liabilities, especially around alcohol
  • Security risks, which unfortunately continue to grow at major events
  • Hazards from electrical equipment and other machinery
  • Risks to festival workers
  • Vehicle and other transportation risks

An experienced entertainment insurer can help you plan your festival to ensure safety for all. Above all, a quality insurer can help find ways to mitigate risk, so you can make the festival less hazardous for attendees and employees alike. This can also reduce your liabilities and insurance premiums, while still ensuring you are well-covered if something unexpected does occur.