Library-Based After-School Enrichment Programs

Public libraries are so much more than a place to get books. Children rely on them for educational support, social interaction and, in many cases, accessing the technology required for their learning. That is why it is so important to offer programming that helps meet these needs. These are just a few after school library program ideas that can help establish your institution as a community resource.

Social Programs

Having a safe outlet for building social connections is crucial for children’s development. Libraries are an excellent place for those connections to develop. Implement programming that encourages participation and sharing. A few ideas that many libraries find popular among school-aged youth include:

  • Book clubs
  • After school movies
  • Story time
  • Game nights

Homework Help

Homework assistance programs fill a growing void for students who do not have a parent available to offer help. They can also be a great opportunity for older students looking for community service opportunities to learn valuable skills and polish up their college applications.

Community Support

Many libraries are true community institutions, which places them in an excellent position to help those in need. Work with other community organizations to hold school supplies or winter coat drives with the donations going to local families.

Work to minimize risks when hosting programs by following accepted safety procedures and carrying a comprehensive insurance policy. In doing so, you will expand your services to the community and create a welcoming atmosphere for students and their families.