Knowing When it Is Time for You to Switch Insurers

If your frustrations with your current insurer have reached their peak, it may be time for you to start shopping for temporary staffing insurance with a better company. Just because you have an established history with a particular insurer doesn’t mean that you are obligated to stay with them. They may not be giving you the best rates nor a sufficient amount of coverage in your policy. Instead of sticking around out of loyalty, protect your company’s best interest by finding an insurer that truly values it policy holders.

Red Flags

Although you are getting financial protection for your company from an insurer, you should never have to compromise on any of your experiences when you interact with them. Poor customer service, miscommunication, inaccurate information, lengthy claims processes and high claim rejection rates are all red flags you should keep an eye out for. If you run into any temporary staffing insurance companies that have them, steer clear and continue looking elsewhere. You may run into a few duds before you find one that makes the grade.

No matter how great an insurer is, reevaluate your policies and experiences with them every six months to a year. It’s a great way to ensure that you always get the caliber of services and insurance products you deserve.