Kinds of Workers Compensation Programs

Workers compensation is required by law in almost all cases, and even when it isnt its an absolutely critical component of any corporate insurance plan. In addition to typical workers compensation, there are many different programs and plans that can help keep a business and its employees safe. Here are some of the best workers compensation programs that a business can choose.

Traditional Workers Comp

First of all, a basic workers comp plan is absolutely essential. This is designed to help pay for workers lost wages and medical care in the event that they are injured in a workplace accident. This is usually a legal requirement, but it is also a good idea because having a plan in place can boost worker morale and productivity.

Risk Management

Another type of plan that is good to have is a safety program. Many insurers will also provide services to help ensure OSHA compliance, assist with prevention training, avoid fraud or abuse, and stem losses in the event that something does go wrong. These workers compensation risk management programs are an excellent choice for protecting a business from disasters in the first place.

Return to Work

Finally, a return-to-work program is a great idea for any business. This is designed to help injured employees get back on their feet and into their job, reducing downtime and stemming losses. These are just a few of the most important kinds of workers compensation programs.