Jet Ski Rental Insurance

Merrimac Marine Insurance

Face it, using personal watercraft can be dangerous. Although enjoyed safely by thousands, inexperienced users become victims of jet ski accidents on a regular basis. In fact, one-third of vehicle collisions on the water have to do with personal watercraft and many of these result in injury. Fortunately, PWC coverage exists to mitigate these risks.

Renting Personal Watercraft Is Risky

One factor in the large number of PWC collisions is the lack of braking capability that new users have not yet learned to work around. The reason so many injuries ensue is partly because of the water propelled from the back. When a rider is thrown from the vehicle, this strong stream of water can cause serious damage to body tissues. Broken bones, popped eardrums, brain, and spinal cord damage, burns, and death are all possible outcomes of an accident.

Protecting Your Business Is Easy

You don’t have to worry about losing your business to a lawsuit when you have good insurance. The firm Merrimac Marine Insurance points out that a good PWC insurance policy will cover not just damage to life and limb caused while riding, but also any activities that take place on the premises of the business as a whole. Even if a customer slips and falls on a wet surface in the restroom, this injury should be covered, along with the higher risk activities involved with watercraft.