Insurance for Your Classic Car

Unlike most cars, if your car is classified as antique or classic, there’s no Kelley Blue Book valuation for it. This makes buying insurance for your ride tricky. If you want to take it out on the road, state law requires auto insurance, and it’s just irresponsible not to protect your passengers, your investment, and yourself. You need a surety company in New Jersey that can write the policy that does what you need.

Traditional auto insurance is based on the depreciated value of the car. This doesn’t apply with classic and antique vehicles, because they tend to increase in value over time. To get classic or antique car insurance, you will need another primary vehicle, as you cannot use your collectible car as your main source of transportation. When you go to purchase your insurance policy, be prepared to identify a value for your ride. You may also be required to show where it’s being stored, as this is important to the protection of your car.

Differentiating between your collectible car or just a car that is older is not always easy. You can look at how rare the vehicle is, and what you’ve invested in it. Your surety company in New Jersey that provides the coverage knows how to get the most affordable rates while protecting your investment. Enjoy the road in your classic ride with peace of mind by having the right insurance.