Increase Efficiency With NetSTAT

In today’s technology-driven world, it’s easy to fall behind and forget to upgrade software and hardware to keep your business competitive. When your agency doesn’t keep up, you don’t only lose customers, but your agents lose productivity by having to reenter information and look for data at multiple points in the transaction. NetSTAT is one product that keeps you on the cutting edge and saves time when providing information. This lets you get quotes to your clients quicker, which keeps them happy.

Velocify recently found that the most profitable agents were some of the heaviest users of current technology. They discovered a strong correlation between advanced software and revenue growth. This means that even small agencies need to find a way to compete in this market. Otherwise, you will lose visibility and credibility in the industry when customers don’t believe your agency has the skill set to maintain a cutting edge.

Using NetSTAT lets your agents save time throughout their entire transaction by automatically generating codes into the system. When agents aren’t having to convert ISO codes themselves, they have time to focus on serving customers. Working with the entire NetRate software system, your business can feel like a Fortune-500 company with all the technology it needs to stay competitive. Learn more about NetSTAT and what it can do for your business.