How to Submit a Cargo Insurance Claim

One of the most important pieces of cargo claims information to remember is to always make sure that shipments are properly insured and both senders and recipients know to file an insurance claim. Whether you are shipping cargo by truck, plane or ship, here are some tips for filing an insurance claim for lost or damaged materials in a way that is more likely to net you compensation in a timely and efficient manner.

1. Assess the Damage

Write a written assessment, thoroughly describing any missing or damaged items. Note these items on the shipment receipt as well whenever possible. Photographs can also be helpful for insurance claims.

2. Protect the Shipment

Take precautions to ensure that the shipment is not damaged further. Seal open packing containers and remove any damaged or leaking items from the shipment. Move the entire shipment to a secure location as soon as possible.

3. Deal with Damaged Items

Remove damaged items and packaging from the shipment if it is necessary to preserve the rest of the items. However, preserve all damaged items in a designated place until the claim has been processed.

4. Notify the Insurance Company

Send a claim to your shipping insurance company. Work with your agent if you need to ensure that the claim is processed correctly.

Quick acting and a plan for relaying cargo claims information to the appropriate parties ensures that your insurance claim is dealt with as soon as possible.