How Managing General Agents Benefit From Automated Rating

As a managing general agent you know the importance of understanding insurance contracts, specialty markets, negotiating commissions, and issuing policies. A comprehensive rating system will assist you in doing your job more timely and effectively. Many managing general agents are realizing the value of having an Automated Insurance Rating System. Learn for yourself why this is a tool of choice for many successful agents and how to get yourself in the loop.

Why Automated Rating?

If you’re like many managing general agents around the country, you might still be using old rating technology that is a component of many policy administration systems. Other common rating systems include a retail agency system. These tend to be unsatisfactory for agents as technology continues to advance. When it comes to customization, renewal transactions, and mid-term policy changes, these systems fall short.

A comprehensive Automated Insurance Rating System gives you the tools you need, such as:

  • Efficient data sharing
  • Easily integrated with existing policy administration systems
  • Custom output such as printouts and forms
  • Automatic updates of carrier rates
  • A professional consulting team and web services

Every managing general agent deserves a system that works efficiently and helps him or her perform the job effectively. It’s easy to get a rating system integrated into your policy administration system or replace your retail agency system. Improve your work with an Automated Insurance Rating System.