How Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance Protects Your Staffing Firm

Company business beckons, and your employee is on the move in a vehicle that is not owned by your staffing firm. Do you worry, not only about the driver’s safety, but also about the impact on your company should an accident occur? This is where hired non owned auto insurance can give you peace of mind. This kind of coverage protects your firm and supplements the driver’s own personal liability coverage.

Why Coverage for Vehicles You Don’t Own Is Important

Let’s say your employee goes to meet a candidate at the airport using a rental car. If her personal auto insurance isn’t sufficient to cover the claim when she back-ends an SUV at a sudden traffic light stop, your staffing firm can be held responsible. Having a hired non owned auto policy would be so much less expensive than having to defend your company against a lawsuit. A comprehensive policy includes:

  • Limits and deductibles tailored to company needs
  • Zero deductible option
  • Extended coverage available for staffing firm worker driving client’s vehicle

Keep Current on Coverage Choices

Remember that coverage for physical damage to rental cars requires insurance purchased from the rental agency. Get up to speed on the protection afforded by hired non owned auto insurance and use it to supplement other forms of insurance in order to keep your staffing firm safe from possible claims.