Garagekeepers Insurance: Essential Risk Reduction for Every Auto Service Business

Garagekeepers Insurance

When customers seek professional auto service, the chance of vehicle damage is always present. A business operations policy tailored to auto shop insurance coverage is crucial for vehicle servicers large and small. One vital component of these policies is garagekeepers insurance.

Why Auto Servicers Need Garagekeepers Insurance

Garagekeepers coverage protects a shop from claims if a customer vehicle is damaged while in the business’s care, custody and control. Covered damage can include any service operation or events such as fire, theft or vandalism. A policyholder can choose to limit the amount paid out.

While the case for garagekeepers coverage is compelling, the next step is to maximize coverage for the premium dollar.

Fine-Tuning Garagekeepers Coverage

Making the most of garagekeepers coverage requires close cooperation between an auto service provider and an insurance broker. An auto shop begins by providing the broker with a beginning-to-end account of typical service tasks. Security measures for vehicles and professional certification of employees are at the top of the list in this process. The broker may suggest risk-reduction steps to maximize policy value.

A customized business operations policy that includes garagekeepers coverage is essential to risk management for an auto service business. Teaming with an experienced auto shop insurance specialist can free these businesses to focus on providing top-tier customer service.