Finding the Right Insurance for Staffing Firms

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One of the most common pieces of wisdom in the insurance industry is that two companies can have very different coverage goals with operations that look a lot alike. Staffing firms are no exception to this. While all of them need coverage for staff on the job, liability policies that reflect the industry, and other staple pieces of coverage, the provisions in those policies need to be shaped according to the goals of the business.

Temporary At-Will, Contract, or Full Time Placement?

There are a few models out there for staffing companies, and insurance for staffing firms will change as you add or modify the kinds of placement you perform. Companies whose staff is only employed transitionally until they clear a probational contract period and get hired or dismissed are simply not going to have the same long-term staff out on job sites that a temporary contract firm for highly skilled labor. Similarly, you might find tailored policies that save you a little more if you have an industry-specific firm and you shop for coverage to suit.

Protect Your People: Human Resources Are Your Business

If your business relies on contracted staff working at client facilities, your most important asset to protect is your talent. It does not matter what you do, you need the insurance for staffing firms that is designed to provide you with robust support in any situation, from negligence on the part of your staff to protection when they are injured on the job.