Errors and Omissions in Human Resources

According to, healthcare benefits are one of the most sought after elements of a new job or employment position. Realizing the importance of this tool for recruitment and gaining the interest of quality candidates, many employers offer a full range of employee benefits that can include:

Workers compensation

Once the employee has been on-boarded, the human resource office has the responsibility of executing the instructions of the employee concerning what they wish to purchase as part of their benefits package. Because of the potential liabilities that can occur if the human resources department makes a mistake, carrying employee benefits liability insurance can reduce the loss your company might experience.
If an employee visits a physician and then later receives notice that his medical claim is rejected due to non-coverage within the employer plan, the employee could potentially file suit against the company that failed to honor his insurance request. If your company has a liability plan in place, it will pay for the costs of the medical care that would have normally been covered had the employee received the plan as requested.
Error and omission liability coverage are usually considered important for those who work with contracts, sales plans, and other high ranking administrative tasks. However, this coverage is equally important and can be inclusive of healthcare, disability, life, retirement, and other forms of benefits offered.