Ensuring Comprehensive Year-Round Coverage For Marine Workers

Commercial marine work can be quite hazardous, and dangers tend only to grow in the winter. The coldest parts of the year present unique hazards, including frostbite in commercial marine workers. Understanding the dangers of the profession — along with ensuring your business carries comprehensive commercial marine coverage — will protect both your company, and your workers.

What Unique Hazards Exist in Winter?

While largely outdoor commercial marine work presents challenges over the course of the year, dangers tend to compound in the cold winter months. These may include the following, and more:

  • Frostbite in commercial marine workers
  • Slipping and falling on ice and snow
  • Difficulty seeing, hearing, or otherwise communicating in low-visibility weather events

How To Mitigate Seasonal Dangers

Use of risk management techniques and institution of additional training and work protocols can reduce the risk of winter accidents. These include:

  • Educating employees on frostbite and other unique seasonal hazards
  • Ensuring employees are appropriately dressed, with adequate PPE, for winter weather
  • Adding additional breaks during winter work to let employees warm up

These mitigation techniques — along with carrying comprehensive and well-structured year-round insurance for commercial marine workers — will let your marine business function smoothly throughout all seasons, and protect your company and your workers in the event of any accident.