Dog Owners May Have Inadequate Insurance

When disaster strikes, it’s common for people to find their current insurance policy is insufficient. Homeowners and renters policies do not provide coverage for all accidents and injuries that occur at your dwelling. If you have a dog on your property in the state of Florida, you may be liable for any injuries your dog causes. A Florida covered canine policy can help protect you if the unexpected happens.


Your Insurance Coverage May Be Inadequate


Your renters or homeowners insurance may cover some accidental injuries that occur on your property, but it is likely that you will be liable for any injuries specifically caused by your pets. Dog bites are a common occurrence in the United States. Many dog owners don’t realize that they can be liable even if their dogs are provoked or attacked first. Medical bills and lawsuits are both unfortunate consequences of dog bites. A covered canine policy can provide the protection you need when faced with these unexpected expenses.


Adding Dog Bite Coverage


If you are a Florida dog owner, you can qualify for insurance coverage for injuries on your property caused by your pet. A reputable Florida covered canine policy company will offer a free quote. Make sure the company works with all sizes and breeds.


Don’t wait until a dog bite injury has occurred on your property to find out that your current insurance does not protect you. Start planning ahead for the unexpected.  Search for a covered canine insurance policy to protect your property if disaster strikes.