Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for Photographers

Freelance photographers and videographers face many liability risks. A unhappy couple could sue if they are unhappy with their wedding photos. Your expensive equipment can get damaged while traveling to different venues. Since there are a number of scenarios that can occur, you must be prepared in advance. Without proper coverage, you could be liable for devastating legal costs and settlements.

What Type of Insurance Is Best for Freelance Photographers?

A comprehensive insurance policy for independent photographer will protect you and your investment from claims and damages. There are three critical areas to consider when purchasing an insurance package.

  • Business Owner’s Insurance – This plan will reimburse you for any valuable cameras and other equipment stolen or damaged while you’re on the job.
  • General Liability Coverage – This insurance protects you if a client is injured during a photo shoot. It also covers property damage you created while working at someone else’s property. This plan also protects you and your employees if a client feels that you have shared personal information about them to others and they file a lawsuit.
  • Professional Liability Plan – This coverage protects your investment from a client claiming you have made errors or omissions. This could include dissatisfied customers and faulty equipment.

Talk with your insurance agent to make sure you have the best insurance coverage for your business.